Butternut Squash Souffle Squares (Gluten free, low FODMAP)
March 4, 2014 – 4:12 pm | No Comment

I debated whether to call this dish a souffle or a spoonbread.  Technically, it doesn’t fit the definition of either, but texture-wise, it could pass for both.  I opted for “souffle” since that designation places …

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Gluten-Free Vegetable Fried Rice
February 23, 2013 – 5:14 pm | No Comment
Gluten-Free Vegetable Fried Rice

Every two weeks or so, the leftovers in my fridge start accumulating faster than I can work through them.  Dribs and drabs of leftover broccoli and green beans that the kids didn’t finish; a …

Oatmeal-Banana-Peanut Butter-Chia Bars
August 17, 2012 – 8:58 am | 5 Comments
Oatmeal-Banana-Peanut Butter-Chia Bars

Have I gotten your attention yet?
We all have our ingredient buzzwords.  You know, those words your eyes gravitate towards on a menu and compel you to order the item that features them?
For most people, it’s …

Copycat Warm Quinoa Salad
March 28, 2012 – 5:26 pm | No Comment
Copycat Warm Quinoa Salad

It seems like I’m always defaulting to a Quinoa dish for our family’s potluck holiday celebrations.  Here’s a quick Quinoa flashback:
Passover, 2009: I did a Minted Quinoa Salad with Pine Nuts and my now-famous gluten-free …

Buckwheat Beet Blini with Beluga Lentil “Caviar”
December 30, 2011 – 6:45 pm | One Comment
Buckwheat Beet Blini with Beluga Lentil “Caviar”

This fancy, festive, healthy gluten-free appetizer for New Year’s Eve parties was inspired, as most of my cooking these days seems to be, by the two newly-minted toddlers that run our house.
You see, I have a freezer …

Interpreting the New USDA Food Plate
June 6, 2011 – 9:04 am | No Comment
Interpreting the New USDA Food Plate

Rest in peace, Food Pyramid.
Last Thursday, the USDA unveiled the new graphic tool to depict the recommended eating pattern for Healthy Americans, and it’s a significant departure from the carb-heavy, animal-protein laden pyramid whose emphasis …

New Gluten-Free Goodies for Carbophiles
May 4, 2011 – 7:47 am | No Comment
New Gluten-Free Goodies for Carbophiles

Apologies for my prolonged absence; some consulting work and demanding babies cut into my available blogging time last month.
But I’m back now, and we ‘ve got lots to catch up on.
Starting with a host of …