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Disclosure statement

The Federal Trade Commission requires bloggers who review and endorse products to disclose any “material connections” they have to such products or the companies that make them.

So here goes:

As of February, 2012, I became a paid consultant for Green Valley Organics and Redwood Hill Farms, the company that makes Green Valley Organics lactose-free dairy products (yogurts, kefirs and sour cream), as well as the Redwood Hill brand of goat’s milk, goat’s milk yogurts, cheeses and kefirs.  This relationship stemmed from my prior (unpaid, unsolicited) endorsement of their products starting in August 2010, when I happily discovered them on my own.

Beyond the material relationship I have with GVO, my policy regarding product reviews and endorsements remains the same as it always was: I do not accept payment–in the form of money, free samples, discounts or anything else–from food manufacturers, retailers or PR agencies in exchange for a product review, endorsement or link.

Neither do I allow outside interests to “ghost blog” on my site.  Rest assured, anything you read here has been researched and written personally by me and reflects my own independently-formed, expert opinions.

If you purchase any products I’ve recommended through my Amazon.com store, please be aware I receive a commission on the sale.  I’ve chosen to do so as a way of offsetting some of the costs associated with running this site.

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